You know you need a website

You may have put it off because it is intimidating, has a steep learning curve and can require constant or at least regular attention. And, the prospect of learning a content management system for design and development is daunting. Even with the most “user-friendly” systems, getting to launch can be time consuming.

So, you decide to hire a web design firm. After identifying candidates, assessing their work, narrowing down firms, negotiating terms, and formally engaging a vendor, you get to work. You begin “discovery”, the process of educating–or explaining–to the vendor what you do, the range of services you offer, and who your customers are. The appraisal business is not a commonly understood, so this phase alone can take weeks or months, depending on how much time you have to spend coaching the vendor and how many clients they already have.

It’s complicated, but doesn’t have to be.

At A-praised-website, we combine years of web experience with a deep understanding of the personal property appraisal business. We have streamlined the process to arrive at “up-time” in the shortest possible time frame. We offer basic package of features and services like:

-Contact form
-Service lists
-Domain name research and registration

You choose from a menu of designs and templates, but we work with you to ensure that your unique brand and philosophy is clearly communicated. See our packages or contact us for more information. We would love to speak, email, or meet virtually with you.