Websites are like houses

When explaining the elements of building a website, a lot of instructions employ a house as an analogy. The hosting service is the street, the URL is the house number, the style is the graphic design, etc., etc.

I would like to take that analogy one step further: the more square footage and amenities you add, the more it costs and the harder it is to maintain:

  • The more rooms you have (pages), the more cleaning (content management) is needed.
  • The more doors and windows you have (ie. site vulnerabilities), the more places your can be broken into (or hacked)
  • The more furniture and decor you have (graphics and images), the more space and storage you need (ie. disk space)
  • The more luxury amenities you have (swimming pools, tennis courts, in-home theaters), the more specialized trades people you need to have on speed dial for emergencies and repairs (ie, developers and consultants)
  • And, of course there is the initial cost of the home (purchase price) to cover the cost of the real estate itself
480 sqft, $59,999
2,600 sqft, $424,000

Of course, all of this adds up to more expense, more management and more time.

Why buy a mansion when you can buy a tiny house and live comfortably and stress free? encourages simplicity to make web management easier. We won’t sell you on apps and features that add bloat and expense. We will walk through a “discovery” phase to identify only what features you need. We will deliver a site that works hard for you–so you are not working hard on your site.