Are you still just in the phone book?

As I explained to my husband, who didn’t understand why I still had these Yellow phone books in the house, “in case we lose power.”

“To burn for heat?” he asked.  

Being a Gen X-er, I straddle analog and digital eras. I keep these around because of my concern that electricity, cable or cell towers will fail–all at the same time. Granted, that is unlikely but the books don’t take up that much room (like they used to), right?

Out of curiosity, I looked up “appraiser” in these local Yellow Books.  I found a few named listings and phone numbers.  I quickly realized how deficient this information felt in comparison to what I typically find online.  “What do they specialize in?” “Where are they located exactly?” “I have to transpose these numbers into my phone if I want to call?”

I found myself opening my computer to google them by name to find out more.  Few had websites. When I did find a reference, it was to digital business indexes that described them as:

  • Commercial real estate appraisers
  • Residential real estate appraisers
  • Farm land appraisal
  • Personal property accountants
  • A misspelled art gallery
  • Machinery and inventory appraisal
  • Financial valuation

But no personal property appraisers.

In the past, I would have had to call each and every one of them to find out if they offered what I was looking for, which feels extremely inefficient.

Enter “empowering users”

As I have worked with websites over time, they continuously refine methods of empowering users: providing them with the information they need to choose you.  How is this achieved? With organized information (prioritizing user needs), self-service features (inbound communication) and convenience (the appearance of 24/7 availability) and other approaches I can share with you.

The benefit to you as the owner is that users who are looking for other services (real estate, business or inventory appraisers for instance), will not reach out to you. Wait…what? It sounds counter-intuitive, but if they are not “qualified leads”, this is a good thing.  They have self-excluded and will not waste your time (or theirs) with a call or message for something you can’t help them with. Time is money, so in the end this is a good thing for a busy appraiser.

So, when contemplating a website (or site update that empowers users more), keep in mind that your investment will help minimize unproductive inquiries that can cost you irreplaceable time. A-praised-website can help build and maintain websites that work for you in identifying prospects that lead to real customer relations. Get in touch today about how we can help you.