A Key Combination

I started working on enterprise websites in 2000 after getting a web design certificate from DePaul University in Chicago. The challenge of organizing websites lead me to earn a master’s degree in library science from the University of Illinois, specializing in information architecture–the science behind intuitive navigation. For twenty years, I have applied these skills to my day job in web communications as coordinator, administrator and director for large scale sites.

In the meantime, I have pursued my private passion for antiquities as a furniture dealer–online and in brick and mortar locations. The thrill of research and identity has pointed me in the direction of personal property appraisal. I am a certified appraiser through the Asheford Institute of Antiques and operate my own appraisal service outside of Chicago.

Combining my profession and passion uniquely positions me to advise on websites for appraisers. I understand the business with an insider’s perspective. It is my privilege to work with appraisers to achieve business goals and advance professional awareness. Let’s chat about how I can assist you in growing your business. Get in touch today.

Kathleen Doyle,